Sunday, October 26, 2014


Good Morning on this beautiful Sunday morning. It's cold out but the sun is great. Well I said last week that I had my grand children for the weekend. Great seeing them but I caught my grand daughters flu bug. I have been sick all week and this flu comes with one terrific headache. I'm still feeling ill today and have no idea how to feel better. I still have their two totes in the corner of the living room with toys on the floor all around them. You would think I was the one that has kids. Their might be more when my grandson has his birthday party soon. both sides of the family spoil him. He is the first grandchild on both sides. Double trouble in the spoiling part I guess.

Stitching "Real or Faux" is the theme this week. This is a great challenge to have. I did my stitching faux. I have had some troubles stitching with a real needle and thread. I need to work on it more. A Day For Daisies is our sponsors this week. They also have a blog and newsletter that you can sign up for to follow them. wouldn't be great to get e-mails about things that are going on with them since they have the greatest stamps to work with. The image they let me use is called "Cupid Dreams." This little girl looks so peaceful laying on her cloud. I have had this angel paper for a long time and decided to use it on one side of it. It's beautiful paper and I made sure I had many pieces of it. A Day for Daisies is giving the below for this weeks winner.

$12.00 Gift Card
The Day For Daisies Store

Great prize for this week if I say so myself. Since the cupid was on a cloud I decided to make a couple more clouds to go with it. I also added more cupids also to kind of make it a peaceful setting with more then one cupid. I do hope you like it. I would like to Thank A Say For Daisies for letting me use this great image. Here is the card of the image "Cupid Dreams."

Do you see how peaceful she looks. I wanted the image to look like she was up in the sky but have a patterned paper to go with it. I think it helped with the background look. You can see the faux stitching on all the clouds. I made it a different color so you could see it right as you look at the card. This is the list of items that I used to make this card.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Paper -- From My Paper Stash
Angels & Stars -- Dress It Up
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Thank You for joining with me on this post I made. I hope you found the card interesting and it gives you some inspiration when you work on your project. Our fabulous design team made great cards and you can see them here at The Robyn's Fetish Challenge. You will also add your entries there. So, have a wonderful Sunday and Week. I will see you next week. The first days of November.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


It's another Sunday again and we are already half way through October. Halloween will soon be over and then Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. Although I think a lot of stores and people forget about Thanksgiving. Stores are now open on that day and a lot of people don't even celebrate with family. I don't have much family so it's not celebrated much around here but I do enjoy having my kids here when they come. They have families of their own to be with. Doing this challenge reminded me of Thanksgiving. Although my image does not have anything to do with Thanksgiving it still is food. Every kid will love the image I used.

Fiona The Fairy and her Ice Cream is the image that I used from Milk Coffee Stamps. She is a cute little fairy that is on top of a bowl of ice cream. She has a big spoon trying to get some. This image is so adorable. Milk Coffee Stamps has the cutest little girl stamps that I have seen. I have to say again this image I used is absolutely adorable. Milk Coffee Stamps is giving one lucky winner

3 Digital Stamps
Milk Coffee Stamps Store.

This is another prize that you want to win. So, let me show you the card that I made with this image.

The flowers didn't turn out so great in the picture but I hope you do see and like them. My camera was acting up this week. I guess I need to have it checked or something.When I seen this paper I knew that I wanted to use it. There was another piece of paper that went with it but I thought it was to much. I love strawberry ice cream so that's why it's pink. I found this great green that I used to color the fairy. I think it all went well. Here is the items that I used to create this card.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper -- DCWV
Flowers & Sprigs -- Wild Orchid
Color Pencils
Color Markers

We are at another end of a post. So there is not much more to say so just remember that you go to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog to enter your card into this week's challenge. Good luck to you all and I can't wait to see your entries. Have a Wonderful Week and enjoy the rest of your day.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Welcome to another Sunday Challenge with The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Mine was a good one. Just wish it wasn't raining everyday. I love the fall but all this rain has been way to much. It does keep me in the house working on my crafts. I have been gathering things to make a scrapbook layout with me and my husband's wedding pictures. We have been together for 20 something years and never did one. So when I seen the doves in our challenge a couple of weeks ago, I knew the layout that I wanted to make. I'm excited to get started on making it. I'm just waiting on some flowers to get here and then start laying it out. I will post the layout when I am finished with it.

Kind of a weird change here. Going from wedding to Halloween Cards. Halloween is one of my favorite holiday's. Some find it real weird but it has always been something that I have looked forward to for when it gets to October. So for our challenge this week our sponsor is Limited Runs. Their page is cute when you get there. It's a Halloween theme. They also have the greatest categories for you to look through. Now would be a great time to look at their Halloween Stamps. I found the cutest cupcake with a devil on top of it. The name of the image I used is simply called, "Devil." I tried making fire but I'm not sure if it looks like it or not. So before I show you my card here is the prize you will be entering for.

3 Digital Stamps
From Limited Runs Store

You will have a hard time trying to find just three. The images are great. Now let me show you my Halloween card that I made.

I have never used black as a background but thought this one needed it. There is one skeleton that is suppose to look like it was a person. Ghosts are suppose to be flying around and there is my cute little cupcake. I thought the cupcake needed something behind it so this is what I came up with. I really hope you do like this. Now, my items that I used.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper -- Co' Ordinations
All Embellishments -- Dress It Up
Colored Markers 
Colored Pencils

Hope you found everything interesting on today's post and leave any comments that you may have. Remember that you have to go to The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog to enter and please visit and see what the other design team members made for their Halloween cards. Have a Wonderful Week and I will see you in another week. I will be looking forward to it and I hope you are to.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I have an announcement that I would like to let you in on. January 2015 Lil Patch of Crafty Friends will start a brand new challenge blog. The theme for the challenges will be anything goes. Great challenge to put an entry in. Fell free to visit the new blog and add yourself as a friend for when we start our first challenge on January 4, 2015. You can also have e-mails sent to you so you can keep up with current events and a reminder when the first challenge will be coming up.

I'm glad to be part of this brand new Challenge Team and look forward to showing you my creations that I will be making for them.

Hope to see you there in 2015!!!


Sunday, October 5, 2014


Hello to everyone reading this post today!! Fall is definitely here in Ohio. It has started getting really chilly here for the last couple of days. I do love the colors of the trees though. One good thing that happened this week was my son and my grandchildren spent the weekend here. We had a really good time. I haven't had all my kids and grand kids in the house all at one time. This is a weekend that I will always remember. Seeing all my kids messing with each other and laughing is priceless. Them making fun at me because I say the wrong word was something new. They even posted what I said on their facebook pages and laughed every time someone liked the comment. It was all in fun though.

Our sweet Robyn is our sponsor for this week. She was generous with us and let us pick out the image that we wanted to work with. The image I chose is called "Jennie The Scarecrow." This was a great image to make a card with autumn colors. I did like all the detail that it had in it. Of course I made my sketch but the card did not look anything that I drew. I have a really bad habit of it. So before I show you my scarecrow, that's see what Robyn will be giving to the lucky winner. 

3 Digital Images 
Robyn's Fetish's Store.

Just think you can win this lucky image that I used. Let me show you the card so you can see the image that I used with my card. 

Isn't she he cutest thing. I found the paper in my stash and thought it had the perfect autumn colors on it. Then I tried to get the same colors with the flowers and the little pieces of paper behind the image. I tried to brighten the picture a little but it really made it bright. To bright to look at. So here are all the items that I used to make this card.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper -- The Paper Studio & Co-Ordinations
Flowers -- Wild Orchid
Glitter Pumpkins -- Dress It Up
Colored Markers 
Colored Pencils

Well I hope you enjoyed the post this week. I really enjoyed making this so I really hope you liked it. Just leave a comment and let me know. Well this next week is fair week. So, that means no school for the kids. Everyone is showing their animals. Something great for our farming community. You all have a wonderful week and I will see you next week for another great card challenge.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Good Morning! Welcome to the last weekend of September. Everyone is already posting how many days until Christmas on their personal blogs. Seeing those numbers really makes it more depressing for me. I usually have started on my shopping by now but I have not one thing. As the children grow up the prices of the things go up. It's hard to get what they want. So seeing those count downs are not helping me have a Christmas spirit.

Nicecrane Designs is our sponsor for this week's challenge. There images are beautiful and they have everything you can think of under the son. They were kind enough to let us use a set called "Pictures of Japan." Each of the design team picked one of the four images that was with this set. I picked the second image to use for my card. This set was perfect for our Oriental theme this week. Oriental, I have to say, is one theme that I am the worst at. I don't know why but I have had troubles with that theme. So before I tell you more about my card and show you it, I want to tell you what Nicecrane Designs is giving out for the prize this week.

$20.00 Gift Voucher
To Nicecrane Designs Store

My idea for the card was for the lady to be walking on a bridge with water underneath with fish in the water. Then I wanted to add some flowers. I can honestly tell you my card has nothing of that on there. It turned out horrible. So, I used the image and popped it off the card with two fans. I hope you enjoy what I ended up making.

I do hope that you liked how it turned out. There is one thing that is actually from Japan. The gold flowers with the flourishes. I was in a group where you swap scrapbooking items with other women. I was lucky to  have someone from Japan and she sent me items that I had never seen before. I've used most of them already. Let me tell you the rest of the items that I used to make this card.

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart & The Paper Studio
Paper -- My Mind's Eye
Gold Flowers With Flourishes -- MOMOYO
Pop-Ups -- The Paper Studio
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Thank You for stopping by and reading my post. I do hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to leave a comment so I know how I did on this card. All the cards that the design team made are on Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog and you can add your entry also. So, have a wonderful week and I will see you next week.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Good Morning to everyone. Sorry I was not here last week but my embossing machine was broke and I hadn't been able to get a new one yet. I feel like I'm my daughter's personal ATM machine. Everything hit me in two weeks and after it was all done I spent about $300 for everything. I'm not done either. I have her school fees coming up next month. I had to take all the money I had saved up for my machine to give to her. High school is more expensive then I would have ever thought. Last night was her very first homecoming. The dress code changed since I was in school. They actually were formal wear to these dances. I'm glad her dress was on sale because she needed shoes also. The girls went as a group and they were absolutely beautiful. 

I could go on and on but we have a challenge that we need to get to. As you can see you are to use a punch or die cut. I used a punch on mine and I think it turned out great. We have a great sponsor this week and they are Lacy Sunshine. I have used their images before and I was excited to used another one. The one I used this time is called Eleanor & Pickles "Decking The Halls." She is a cute little girl holding a Christmas wreath with Pickles the frog sitting on the wreath. So adorable. Before I show you my card let me tell you what that winner will win this week.

$20 Gift Certificate
Lacy Sunshine Store

Now I want to tell you a little bit about my card before I show you. The card is a 6 inch circle made like a wreath with my image in the middle. I put light bulbs around the punched wreath. Here is the card and I hope you enjoy it. 

Is this not the most adorable image. I didn't want to put the girl in Christmas colors. I wanted her to have a lighter color to offset the original Christmas colors. I love the way it turned out but I did make it a little big. Here is the items that I used to make this card. 

Cardstock -- Close To My Heart
Paper -- DCWV
Circle Punch -- Martha Stewart (Triple Loop Edge Punch)
Christmas Lights -- A Tree For Me
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I do hope you enjoyed this post and my card. Don't be afraid to leave me a comment to let me know what you think about the card. Of course, go to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog and look at the other cards that our design team made and then add your card for us all to see. Hope you have a wonderful week and I will see you next Sunday.