Sunday, January 10, 2016


Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening. That is where ever you are at the time you are reading this. Hope things were good with you this past week. This week I was lucky to catch the flu from my son who brought it home from work. This just messes with my creativity. I can't think of sketches or anything that well. I do hope you think the project that I did come up with is beautiful. 

The East Wind is our sponsor for this week's challenge. This is an etsy store where you can buy their digital stamps. As of now, they have 299 different images. That is a lot to look at and to choose from. So the image that The East Wind was gracious enough to let me use is called, "Aurora - Lost Lagoon." She is very beautiful and is putting her hand in water to pet a king fish. I say he is a king fish because the fish has a crown on his head. The way this image is designed is amazing. I really fell in love with it. I did use a background paper that looks like water and put a light blue piece of paper on part of the top to break it up. I come up with "Hello My Friend" for the card since the girl is petting the fish underwater. It looked a little plain so I added some flowers at the top. Let me tell you what The East End is giving as a prize before I show you the square card I made with this image.

3 Digital Images

Thank You for the prize you are giving to our lucky winner this week. Now here is the card that I made with Aurora - Lost Lagoon

I really hope you you like the image. The picture was hard to take a picture for some reason. The card is darker then what it looks like here. The fish has three different colors on it. What looks like white spaces is actually a light blue. It's time for me to have my camera looked at. Just to make sure everything is working properly. I do think the flowers made the card look so much better. So, let me tell you where those flowers came from and the other items.

Cardstock --  The Paper Studio
Paper -- DCWV
White Flower and White Leaves -- Prima Flowers
White Spray Clusters -- Wild Orchid Flowers
Blue Flowers -- Hobby Lobby
Font -- Monotype Corsiva
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I want to Thank You for stopping and reading my post. Would love to hear some comments from you to see how my card looks. Then when you are finished with your project just go to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog and enter it. The Design Team have made cards of their own and you can look at them for some inspiration.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


WOW!! It's the first Sunday of 2016 and our first challenge of the year. So, how was everyone's New Year's celebrations? I can honestly say we stayed home while my daughter went and enjoyed her first New Year's Eve with friends. My excitement happened on the 30th of December. It's me and my husband's wedding anniversary. Our kids rented us a one night cabin get away for Christmas for our anniversary. My 16 year old daughter was in charge of it all. I love you Jelissa for that. I actually spent time with my husband and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Robyn is our very first sponsor of the year and we are glad she is. She even gave us a great challenge for the first one "Anything Goes." The best challenge that is out there. I know it's my favorite one. Robyn let us use one of her new Christmas/Winter images to choose from. I picked, "Rudolph With Scarf." This is an absolutely cute image. Rudolph is sitting down like he fell but is warm with his scarf  he has on. Since this was anything goes I mad a card that looks like a baby's onsie. I couldn't think of a layout for this one. The onsie has red trim and the base has letters on it that are from the word Christmas. Then Rudolph is right there in the front. I really want to show you but I need to tell you what Robyn is giving for the first prize this year.

3 Images

Now here is that card that has Rudolph With Scarf

I love the image and also the card that you can use for Christmas invitations of baby invitations. The only thing that I had a problem with was getting the brads in a straight line. This is an easy fix for me though. Just have to sit and redo it when I get the chance. Besides that I hope you like the card. Here are the items I used.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio & My Stash
Paper -- Bella Boulevard
Silver Brads  -- My Stash
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Not many things to make this cute card. I want to Thank You for stopping by and have a great start to the New Year. To enter this challenge please go to Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog and while you are there check out the tutorial that Cass has and the other Design Team projects. You are going to love them.

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Hello to all that's reading my posts. Hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas Friday!! We had a very nice one. 

For this week's challenge Sami Stamps will be our sponsor. I like the categories she calls "Freebies and Deals." There are many, many categories for you to choose from. There are holidays, seasons, fantasy, foods, flowers and way more for me to write. She was so gracious to let me work with the digital image called, "Frosty Flowers." This is a cute snowman holding poinsettia's. Well, that's what I colored them to be. I added paper that had snowman on it and used some snowman embellishments. I think it turned out cute. I didn't write Merry Christmas because you can used it just because it's winter time. So, here is the prize Sami Stamps is giving for this week's challenge.

$12.00 Gift Certificate
Sami Stamps Store

Very generous prize of her to give. So make sure you enter our challenge this week. Let me show you what I did to Frosty Flowers.

The flowers are not as dark as poinsettia's but I made them a lighter red with orange and yellow in the middle. Since my paper had snowmen with candy canes, I had ribbon that went perfect with it. Here are the rest of the items I used:

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio and My Paper Stash
Paper -- The Paper Studio
Frame -- Made From An Oval Stencil
Candy Cane Ribbon -- The Paper Studio (Candy Canes Satin)
Snowmen & Snowflake's Embellishments --  Dress It Up
Glitter -- Ranger (Crystal Ice Stickles)
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I did use many things to make this card but it was worth it. So take a chance and enter this great challenge over at The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. When your there take a look at what the other Design Team Members made for winter. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Good Morning Everyone!! Hope is all well with you today. I'm just doing my same old routine but have to go to the grocery store later. I usually try not to go on the weekends but my daughter and I are baking this week. While there we are just going to shop for it all, the Christmas dinner, dinner for the week and all the ingredients for the things we are baking. One thing we will be making is Buckeye's. When you live in Ohio you have to make sure you have those Buckeye's. The first year we made them they turned out so horrible. I thought I would never make them again but I found a very easy recipe on the internet. The next year they turned out great but I doubled the recipe and how so many I didn't know what to do with them all. Thank Goodness the kids friends came over. 

 All Dressed Up Stamps is our sponsor this week. Thank You so much for being generous with letting us use your stamps and that you sponsored this challenge. I love the winter stamps that she had and was glad that I was able to use this one called, "It's Snowing." Perfect for this weeks challenge of snowflakes. This is an image of a snowman with a little penguin on his shoulder with his branches in the air trying to catch the snowflakes. I have to say that I had fun making this one. Once I started coloring it, I knew all the items I wanted to use for everything. So let's see what All Dressed Up Stamps is giving for the prize this week and I will show you my card.

2 Digital Stamps
All Dressed Up Stamps

Now for the card:

I do hope you like it. I decided to do the snowflakes a little different. I used sequins instead of glitter. I used four snowflakes and their are some on the paper I used. See, the challenge is snowflakes plural. You have to have more then one snowflake. Here is the list of items that I used to make this card.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- Colorbok
Frame -- Spellbinders (Insert From Holiday Christmas Dies)
Lace -- Decorative Trim (Hobby Lobby)
Black Buttons -- Opaques (Licorice From Close To My Heart)
Snowflakes -- The Paper Studio
Sequins -- 8mm The Tree House
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I did use different items for this one but it turned out really cute in my opinion. I do hope you like it. Please join us in our challenge this week at The Robyn's Fetish Challenge. I know a lot of people will be busy but if you have a chance just stop by and add the project. 
Merry Christmas
And A
Happy New Year

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Good Morning to everyone. Hope you are enjoying December. It doesn't feel like it though around here. The temperatures has been in the 50's and 60's. Today it is suppose to reach in the 70's. We know were not having a white Christmas around here. Just a little bit of cold weather would help out though. I still don't have all my shopping done but I am getting close. I did finish my Christmas tree which if you follow me on facebook you would have seen it. I did it by myself and it was a little depressing. No one to talk to or even sing a little tune. My husband did let me splurge a little and I bought a new Angel for my tree topper. She's white and will go with every thing. Next year I am going to figure out how to put white lights under her dress and behind my Nativity Scene. 

This week's challenge gives you another chance to make some final Christmas Cards. You can add that Christmas die that you have been waiting to use. Anne's Digital Art is our great artist's of the week. She is a lovely artist and she actually allowed me to work with her image "Christmas Balls." These are three Christmas ornaments sitting together in a pile. I colored all three different colors and put some glitter on a couple. I will show them on my card but first I need to tell you the prize Anne is giving this week.

4 Digital Stamps
Anne's Digital Art

Here is the card with her "Christmas Balls" which I maned my card, "Ornament's Of Our Homes."

I like that I only had three colors all over this card. (Except for the little bit of Gold) I was surprised that I found this sentiment in a book that I was looking through for another card. I was happy when  I found them at the same time. Saved me time looking or thinking for a sentiment for one of the cards. Here is my list of items I used.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- My Christmas Stash
Red, Gold, Ice Stickles -- Ranger
Sentiment -- Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Card
Font -- Monotype Corsiva
Circle with Balls Background -- Spellbinders
Embossing Folder -- Cuttlebug
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

Thank You for stopping by. It was great to let you know about the challenge, the sponsor and where you go to enter. Take a look at Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog for all the cards the design team made and all the answers you have questions to.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Welcome to the first weekend of December. Hope you are enjoying the beginning of the month so far. I love Christmas but when it hits December I start loosing my mind. I have to finish my shopping, finish the tree, decorate the house, and start making goodies. This is the first year My Husband, Kids and Me will be celebrating Christmas in our new house. We even received an early Christmas gift from my husband's mom. Our very new Christmas tree that is actually big. When we were cramped in the old house we had a little tree and just the kids ornaments will fit on it. None of the other ornaments we had would fit. It's starting to look pretty and I did buy a new tree topper. Beautiful Angel dressed in white with a tiny bit of gold. I'm hoping to have the tree done today.

Robyn's has been busy revealing her new Fall/Winter images that she still had enough time to let her design team use another new image. Now you will see how someone else used the image in their own way from the reveal. So, as you can see, Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog will be our sponsor for this week's challenge and this is one of my favorite challenges. It has helped me get my Christmas cards done for the year. The Christmas digital image I used is called "Polar Santa." This polar bear is absolutely adorable and was fun to color. Before I tell you about the card, here is the prize Robyn is giving. 

3 Images

So, the background paper of my card is suppose to have mittens and stockings on it but the embellishments and the bear covered them. So I made little squares to show you what is on the paper. The paper was perfect for the images that I used. Here is Polar Santa

The picture turned out lighter then it really is. When I tried to darken it the picture was blurry. The background paper is like a midnight blue. I really thought Santa's Good and Bad List was so adorable that I just had to add it to the card. Here are the other items.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio
Paper -- Colorbok
Font -- Curlz MT In Bold Lettering
Glitter -- Ice Stickles By Ranger
Embellishments -- Dress It up
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I really hope you liked this card. I am very happy with it. The information for the challenge and also the sale we are having is on The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog. Come and join in on the fun with your Christmas Cards. Can't wait to see them. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hello!! How was every one's Thanksgiving that celebrates it? Good here. I actually seen all my kids and grand kids on one day. Doesn't happen that often around here. We were busy all week though. My daughter helped me this week since she had no school. We cut up our pumpkins to cook down and made four pies with enough left over for Christmas. We made two chocolate pies and started to prepare stuff for the big day. Then my husband cooked the turkey as usual and we actually had dinner by one o'clock. Friday was the day that I actually did absolutely nothing and even took at nap. It was nice to have a day like this. But now I need to get back to my routine and prepare myself for the Christmas season. All that shopping, decorating, wrapping, and then preparing for the big day and making of the dinner. Things are just going to fast this season.

So with the last week of November we will be making cards with yellow and brown. Our sponsor is A Day for Daisies. They have been very grateful in letting us use their images and sponsoring our challenges. Thank You for being so gracious. Your images are fantastic and I love working with them. The image that I used for this card is called, "Playing In The Pumpkin Patch." This image has two pumpkins with a boy sitting on the biggest one and a dog trying to get up to him. It's a really cute image so let's see the card I made but before I do let's tell you the great prize A Day For Daisies is giving that lucky winner

$12.00 Gift Card
A Day For Daisies Store

Here is "Playing In The Pumpkin Patch"

Isn't it cute. I loved this paper I had for the back ground. It's perfect for the challenge. I didn't have any sunflowers so I made flowers that had colors from a sunflower. I think it all turned out great. So let me tell you where all the items came from.

Cardstock -- The Paper Studio & My Paper Stash
Paper -- K &Company
Flowers -- Creative Memories & Kaiser Crafts
Brown Brads -- Hot Off The Press
Pumpkin  Back Ground -- Clip Art
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils

I have had a great time with this card and writing this post for you to read. I would really love to see the cards that you come up with. So go to The Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog and enter your card. You will also see the Design Teams creations using brown and yellow.